Supporting Resiliency Through Compassion and Body Practices

Online Evening Meditation Session with Heather Sundberg August 27th

Resilience is our capacity to change. It’s a positive state that is resourceful, adaptable and energized. Unlike bouncing back and coping, states that can be quite draining over the long term, or grit, that can be rigid and isolating, resilience is a place of high creativity and flexibility.

~Anise Bullimore

In these highly unstable and difficult times, developing and supporting long-term Resiliency is one of the most important dharma practices in daily life.  It helps us reduce reactivity, or as the Buddha taught ‘stop shooting the second arrow’, as well as opens us up to connection and wise responsiveness.  Using teachings and practices from the First Foundation of Mindfulness of the Body, and Compassion, along with modern perspectives, Heather will share stories, quotes, and practical tips for supporting Resiliency in our lives.

This 2 hour event includes a Guided Meditation, Talk and time for questions.

Heather Sundberg

Heather Sundberg has taught insight meditation since 1999, and completed the Spirit Rock/IMS Teacher Training program under Jack Kornfield & Joseph Goldstein.  She is currently a member of the Spirit Rock Teacher’s Council and lives in California.  Beginning her own meditation practice in her late teens, for the last three decades, Heather has studied with senior teachers in the Insight Meditation (Vipassana) and Tibetan (Vajrayana) traditions. She has completed over 3 years of accumulated retreat, and has sat 1-3 months of retreat a year for the last 25 years. Between 2010- 2015 she spent a cumulative one-year in study, practice, and pilgrimage in Asia.  In addition, she has training in both Somatic Experiencing and Hakomi Mindfulness Somatic Therapy and offers ’individual meditation support sessions’ to students world-wide.  She teaches retreats nationally & internationally, and her teaching emphasizes Awakening through the Body (1st foundation mindfulness), the Heart Practices (Divine Abodes), Concentration (Jhana) and Wisdom Awareness Practices (MahaSati) out of the Thai forest tradition.

Heather taught her first retreat for Vipassanagruppen in 2019 and is offering the August event in place of the canceled retreat in September.  She looks forward to returning to teach in person retreat for Vipassanagruppen in 2023. 

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Tid: 27e Augusti kl.19-21.00 lokal tid

Plats: Online via zoom

Pris: Gratis (frivillig donation, dana, till Heather, via Vipassanagruppens Swish-konto: 123 440 5932. Märk med HS)

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